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We just returned home from the trip of a life time and your BIGGEST question on instagram was WHICH HOTEL WAS BETTER !??


Let's Talk about it ...

I'll be super real about this.. BOTH hotels are GOALS so please don't take this as a knock on either one. Bora Bora is not only a dream destination but the Conrad as well as the Four Seasons are some of the nicest hotels I've ever visited in my life.

Let's start with the Four Seasons since thats where we arrive first.


Stay Here if you Value ...

♡ Total Piece and Quiet

♡ Romantic atmospheres

♡ Over water bungalows with glass floor

♡ The Bluest Water

♡ An Amazing and Large Property

♡ Private Lagoons to Snorkel and Paddle Board

♡ Traditional Polynesian Dinner Show

♡ Amazing Cabanas and Pool bar

After the Four Seasons we took their private boat to the Conrad Nui which was such a VIBE.


Stay Here if you Value ...

♡ Amazing Food & Drinks

♡ Socializing & Meeting new Friends

♡ Bars & Nightlife

♡ Room Options

♡ Overwater Bungalow Hammocks

♡ An incredible Spa experience

♡ Virtual Golf

♡ Modern & upscale options

One of the most memorable days was when we decided to rent a boat for the day and adventure. It was so fun that we actually did it TWICE. Swimming with Sharks isn't for the faint of heart but honestly I felt so safe, it was so much fun !

Bora Bora is hands down the further location i've ever travelled to but by far the most beautiful. From the moment you land at the airport this magical place will continue to take your breath away.

At the end of the day , I don't want to be that blogger ( I can't believe i just said blogger.. 10 years late lol ) but seriously .. i don't ever want to be that girl that can't just give a straight answer or opinion. I would say based on our taste , values, vibe , age and purpose of the trip .. the CONRAD was the better stay.

The Four Seasons felt like more of a honeymoon location , no night life at all ( I really don't love when a bar closes

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  • Writer's pictureAngie Bellemare

This year I decided to overhaul the way I start my day. Every morning, I wanted to be able to take the time to focus on my health , my goals and my happiness. These simple changes I made turned out to be the best decision and ultimately made my routine so much more productive !

Shop My FAV PJ set, robe, slippers and Bedding

♡ Wake up Right

Light & airy is the name of the game. To wake up right , I need to sleep right and for me that means get a great night sleep by being as comfy as possible in bed and more importantly when I get up.

My solution to sleeping well is to not over heat and to have soft as well as breathable beddings.

From the SOFTEST (yet super cute) Pjs , Robe, pillows and Sheet set. They are the most comfortable ever , don't break the bank at all and will leave you feeling READY to wake up in the morning.

♡ MAP out your Day

Eliminate the overwhelm and plan out your day before your day gets ahead of you.

I use my Daily Grind planner to set up my month, week and day ahead. It's quick , easy and I actually USE this planner.

I was a victim of buying all the planners and just letting them collect dust. This one I actually USE. It's a fully customized bullet journal planning system and will help you SLAY your goals within 4 months.

♡My Morning Routine : Step by Step

Here is a play by play of my morning routine . For a way more detailed view check out the video below.

♡ Wake Up

♡ Make Bed

♡ Brush Teeth & Wash face

♡ Make Pre workout

♡ Warm up on Spin Bike

♡ 20 Min Workout

♡ Meditate

♡ Post Workout Smoothie

♡ Check into the Fit Gym

♡ Check in with my Coaches

♡ Plan my Day

♡ Wash hair

♡ Blow dry hair

♡ Makeup

♡ Answer Emails

♡ FaceTime with my Coaches

♡ Continue with my day

♡ Workout FIRST

Before your Body Knows what's going on , get your workout in !

I know that if I delay my workout to later in the day it tends to not happen or not be that great of a workout because I won't be as focused.

Making movement the FIRST thing I do sets the tone for the day , ensures I'm only focused on that and not checking my phone or getting distracted with other stuff.

♡ Get IN , Get it DONE, Get OUT

I don't spend a ton of time working out. I make sure that it's a FOCUSED 20 mins of real hard work but I don't need much more than that. I start out by warming up with either a stretch of a quick spin on my bike then I PRESS PLAY in the FIT GYM.

Today's Workout was under 20 minutes and kicked my booty. It was all about GLUTES, ARMS & ABS.

I broke down each move in my YouTube video if you want to follow along or if you want to try the program and workout WITH me virtually GET INTO THE FIT GYM.

♡ Get more done before 9am than most do ALL DAY

I try to get the BULK of my tasks done before noon but if you'd love to implement an EARLY morning routine and get it all done before 9am , check out my 5am Morning Routine.

This is video explains exactly how I wake up early in the colder darker months. I wanted to share all the newest updates on exactly how I wake up super early and have a healthy and extra productive morning schedule before the sun even rises.

♡ Give yourself Grace

Building a routine should be an exciting process. Don't let it frustrate you or get you down if you "miss" or mess up a day. You will improve, you will find what works best for you.

Remember just because it works from someone else doesn't mean it will be realistic for you and that's OK.

Use the tips above as a guideline but have FUN building your dream morning routine. ♡ Give yourself Grace

Building a routine should be an exciting process. Don't let it frustrate you or get you down if you "miss" or mess up a day. You will improve, you will find what works best for you.

Remember just because it works from someone else doesn't mean it will be realistic for you and that's OK.

Use the tips above as a guideline but have FUN building your dream morning routine.

♡ More Morning Routines

There are a TON of routines ( morning and night) on my channel.

These are the most difficult videos to create but definitely the most rewarding because you guys love them so much !!

For a FULL playlist of all my Routines CLICK HERE

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  • Writer's pictureAngie Bellemare

Every year I create a new Vision for myself and I tend to do things a bit differently when it comes to mapping out my goals. I few years ago I thought I should share this process with everyone on my channel and it's now turned into a yearly vision board party.

♡ What you'll need

♡ Champagne (duh)

♡ Notebook / paper

♡ Pens and Markers (10 colors) --> click here for the markers I use

♡ Laptop , phone or tablet

♡ Pinterest app (free)

♡ Canva or Picmonkey app (free)

♡ Optional : The Daily Grind Planner --> click here to shop the planner

♡ How I Map out my Vision Board NOW

The most important part of creating my vision board isn't the actual creating process , its all about the location of the board. Years ago I stopped making cardboard dream boards using magazine cutouts. Although super fun, it's totally not realistic.

For 2 reasons :

  1. Choosing your FUTURE based off of pre determined pretty photos in a magazine does not give free range to be creative and think about what you REALLY want. It creates confines and we don't want that. You want to have full creative range.

  2. Creating a vision board on a big card stock usually means it ends up in one spot... in a closet collecting dust. Creating a digital vision board allows you to keep the goal in front of you.

♡ Steps to Make your Own Vision Board

Follow these steps to creating goals that actually MATTER to YOU.

You can follow along with any of my vision board parties step by step.

Click to Watch Here

♡ Step 1 : Set up your Vision Board Space ( Starts @ 2:22 )

♡ Step 2 : Get your Pens & Markers, Paper, Computer out ( Starts @ 2:50 )

♡ Step 3 : Prep to Stick with the goals ( Starts @ 5:45 )

♡ Step 4 : Write out what you want to release ( starts @ 16:20 )

♡ Step 5 : Open Canva ( starts @ 19:40 )

♡ Step 6 : Write your 3 mantras for the year ( starts @ 25:30 )

♡ Step 7 : Determine your Big 10 ( starts @ 37:29 )

♡ Step 8 : Create your Wheel of Life ( starts @ 53:00)

♡ Step 9 : Set your 4 month vision (starts @ 1:09:20 )

♡ Step 10 : Save visuals on Pinterest ( starts @ 1:34:21)

♡ Step 11 : Organize your board ( starts @ 1:55:07)

♡ Step 12 : Finish your board & save it ( starts @ 2:03:43)

It's YOUR time

Get your notebook and laptop out and get to PLANNING your dream year !!

I am SO excited for you to overhaul your time , get ahold of what you REALLY want and

finally go after it !!

Be sure to tag me on instagram with YOUR vision board !!

Cheers to an amazing year !



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