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10 Ways to Reset for a New Week, Month, or Year

At the beginning of every week, month and year, I always like to hit the reset button. There is something to be said about a fresh start! I’m going to break down ten steps I follow to give me that fresh start and clean slate (literally) that I look forward to!

Woman cleaning and decorating

1. Remove any excess that you don’t need (undecorate)

If you’re been around for a while, you know I’m a seasonal gal. I have decor out for every season, but once that season is over, it feels good to remove everything and start from scratch.

2. Clean all surfaces and floors

Vacuuming, dusting, and getting everything out always feels amazing.

3. Tidy up storage areas, go through & toss or donate items

Far too often, I see people who have all of these things that don’t really matter to them. It’s all about quality over quantity! Have a few select items that mean something to you. Go through your things and clothes. If there is anything you haven’t used or worn in the past year, maybe it’s time to get rid of it, unless it has sentimental value.

Woman walking a dog

4. Get moving/set up a workout plan

Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a workout plan. If you enjoy taking walks, do it! Whatever way you like to move, just get your body moving.

5. Set healthy habits

This can be water intake, a meal plan for yourself, cooking at home, or maybe even a “dry” month (no booze). Work on the habits that make you feel your best!

6. Plan for me time/quiet time

Don’t forget to slow down and take some quiet time for yourself. For me, this is reading (fiction). The book I’m currently reading is Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score.

7. Set sleeping hours and track

I use my Oura ring to track my sleeping habits, but you can also use a journal. Take note of how many hours you slept and how you felt after.

Woman taking a photo in a mirror

8. Do something that feels good

For me, things like putting on nails, doing my makeup, and doing my hair make me feel good!

9. Map out your goals for the week, month or year

Use your planner to plan it all out!

10. If you don’t know what your goals are, try My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook

If you’re feeling like you need a reset on what you want in life, try going through the workbook. I like to do this every few months as my goals are constantly evolving.

These are the things I’ve committed to for the new month, and so far I think it’s going really well. If these 10 ways to reset resonate with you, as always, don’t forget to tag me or share below what’s working for you!

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