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10 Tips for Hair Growth: Tried, Tested and True Results

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I have gone on the most epic journey of hair. I’ve scoured the internet, looked at all of the tips and tricks, tried all of the fads and hair masks… you name it, I’ve done it. I’m proud to say that I have gone from short, brittle, broken and bleached hair to long, thick, healthy and happy hair, and I am here today to share with you the ten things that ACTUALLY work.

Woman washing and styling hair

1. Use the right products

Don’t just use some random, cheap shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore, because that could be the number one thing that is killing your hair. I’d encourage you to experiment with a few different types to find a good, quality product that works for you. Nioxin is great for thinning hair, and my personal faves are from Function of Beauty. What’s cool is that it’s completely custom to you. You not only get to choose the color and scent, but your hair goals as well. This helped a ton for me!

Before and after: woman with blonde hair and brown hair

2. Are you over coloring?

I used to constantly bleach and dye my hair, and that was one of the top reasons why it kept breaking. Instead, I have been coloring it at home for a few years. Now, if you have beautiful blonde hair with highlights or ombré color, obviously this is something that might be a little harder for you, and I get that. I’m sharing because coloring my own hair has literally saved it! I usually do this about every other month on the roots, just to cover up any sparse grays. I like L’Oreal Excellence hair dye in the color dark ash brown. This color doesn’t have any red or brassiness in it, and it’s simple enough for me to do on my own.

3. Hydrate your life

Your hair might need a little hug… I know mine did! After some trial and error, I’ve found what works best for me are again the Function of Beauty hair masks. I like to put a hair mask in, put my hair in a bun, and let the mask soak in for a long time while I do other things. I do this every couple of weeks, or on days I know my hair needs some extra TLC, like when I color it.

4. Detangle and protect

Similar to hydrating your hair, you want to make sure you’re detangling and protecting your hair before you blow dry it, especially when it’s wet. Focusing on the ends of your hair, use a serum or spray to help detangle and protect it from the heat of any hair tools you use for styling.

5. A wet brush

What I mean by “wet brush” is simply the tool you’re using on it when it’s wet. Your hair is more fragile when it’s wet, so it’s super important not to go HAM on it. One of the biggest ways I was breaking my hair was that I was not being gentle on it while it was wet, or when I was blow drying it. After putting serum in it, I take my time brushing through my hair really carefully so nothing breaks. I like the Wet Brush, but you can use any brush made for wet hair.

Woman holding blow dryer

6. The right blow dryer

What kind of hair dryer are you using? It could be the thing that is killing your hair. I now use all Dyson hair products. Trust me, the first time I heard about this brand, I thought the prices were insane. After trying them, I understood the hype! The hair dryer alone has been a total lifesaver. The reason why it makes such a big difference is that it’s not straight up heat on your hair; they use a special technology that helps dry your hair faster with less heat damage.

7. Dry brushes

Like the wet brush, I’m talking about what brush you’re using between washes while your hair is dry. Your brushes are important because the bristles could be pulling out your hair if they are cheap brushes. The bristles make all the difference! I prefer a boar bristle brush; it doesn’t pull out my hair and makes it shiny and healthy. Sometimes I also use a ceramic round brush while blow drying.

8. Stop the DIY masks

I am SO passionate about this. I’ve tried so many different DIY hair masks and put so much dang coconut oil, essential oils, potions and lotions in my hair… and none of them worked. I think what I actually did was clog the pores on my head and set myself back. Learn from my mistakes and don’t do that to your poor head! BFF to BFF, don’t use random stuff or a Pinterest recipe, use a real hair mask.

9. Supplements for hair growth

Listen, there is no magic pill. I’ve tried taking biotin and all kinds of other supplements for hair growth, but there was nothing that really moved the needle. That being said, one thing I have implemented and stayed consistent with is collagen. I do believe this has helped make my hair healthier and stronger, helping the growth process along. As a bonus, it also helps with skin and nails! You can use any kind of collagen, but my fave is Beauty Collagen (if you’re interested, feel free to use my discount code ANGIEB).

Woman putting her hair up

10. How to tie your hair up

This tip might seem kind of random, but I promise it will help you! Some hair elastics and putting your hair in a ponytail can cause breakage. Every night before bed and even sometimes during the day, instead of a ponytail, I put my hair up in a little bun on top of my head. Just twist it up and secure it with a small clip.

Bonus tip: Be aware of anything that could be grabbing onto or pulling your hair, like a purse strap, or even a pillowcase. If you have a purse that’s always on top of your hair, that could be breaking it. A rough pillowcase could also be pulling at it at night. You can splurge and get yourself a silk pillowcase, but a really soft pillowcase will also work. You could even go one step further and put a head wrap on to protect your hair at night. The more you’re aware of anything that’s coming in contact with your hair, the better it’s going to get!

I hope you enjoyed learning my tips for hair growth, and that it was as transparent as possible. I’m just elated to be able to share the other side of the journey that felt like it took such a long time! It’s a process, but if you follow these 10 steps consistently, I truly believe that you’re going to get this on lock. You’ve got this!

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