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7 Days of Food & Drinks at Disney World

Today we’re talking all things food and drinks at Disney, which is a topic I LOVE to speak on. I get asked a ton about where to eat in Disney World, and I totally get it because there are so many options! I would encourage you to try the underdog locations. Don’t necessarily just go to the places that are the most hyped, because some of the best food, memories and experiences happen on a whim at these places!

I also want to preface this by saying that Andre and I don’t go out to eat for every meal while we’re in Florida. Breakfast isn’t always Mickey waffles; sometimes it’s Raisin Bran. Sometimes lunch is a homemade sandwich. It’s important to remember that just because something wasn’t filmed or shown on social media, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We’re still working, working out and living our normal lives, with a touch of Disney magic!

Montage of moments at Disney World restaurants

Let’s jump right in!


We wanted to check out the Conrad Hotel. You can go on property even if you aren’t staying there, and our experience was incredible. We started with cocktails at the Papaya Club. The drinks were amazing and it was a whole vibe; I LOVED it. I would describe it as an elevated Trader Sam’s. When I say “elevated,” I don’t mean better, just fancier. The restaurant is right off of the pool which is huge, so it feels like you’re on a lagoon. It’s beautiful! After drinks, we went to dinner on the top story of the hotel at Ceiba. We will definitely be returning!


Cheers with cocktails

The next day, we went on a little Skyliner bar crawl with some friends. This could be a really cool way to do Disney that doesn’t require a park entrance, but I did bring my Magic Band just in case. We started at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Banana Cabana. I had to get their Banana Cabana cocktail; it’s a rum punch and it’s delightful! Then, we walked over to the Riviera Resort. I suggested the rooftop bar at Topolino's Terrace, which turned out to be a great decision. There, I had a dirty martini with gin, and we shared the ricotta appetizer. When you go on a bar crawl, you’ve got to make sure you’re also eating at each location!

From there, we took the Skyliner over to EPCOT. We walked to the Beach Club Resort and went to Martha’s Vineyard. I had a martini there (my go-to), and the Loaded Potato Barrels (loaded tater tots). They were so good! Next, we went to Crew’s Cup Lounge at the Yacht Club Resort. If you go to Crew’s Cup, you have to get the Magical Star cocktail because it’s the most quintessential Disney beverage you could ever have! It’s pink, glowing and beautiful, and it’s always my go-to drink. This was our last stop of the night, so it was kind of ideal we ended there.


I had an amazing time on the bar crawl, but the next day I was ze’tired, as Andre would say. It was just us for the first time on the trip after back-to-back socializing, so it was nice to lay low and have a chill night. We took the golf cart to one of our new favorite places, Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge. Our favorites are the Territory Popcorn Sampler and the Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie.

Fireworks at EPCOT


Andre and I had a pre-date day because the restaurant we wanted to go to wasn’t available. Something we love doing in the morning is walking over to the Four Seasons Resort to get coffee and a bagel from Lickety Split. It’s a little ritual we have! We got massages, then got ready and went to dinner at our second favorite restaurant, Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya in the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT (we have lots of favorites, but this is definitely a top pick). We got hot sake, edamame, Miso soup, A5 Wagyu, Rock Shrimp Tempura and the Spicy Crunch Roll. It’s very cool because there are huge windows, so you can see the fireworks show from inside the restaurant. The only thing I find a little weird is that they don’t dim the lights in the restaurant. However, it’s still a new-ish place, so maybe they will do that eventually.


For lunch, we went to a little hidden gem that not many people know about. It’s called PB&G (Pool Bar & Grill) at the Four Seasons Resort. It’s a vibe! They play reggae music; it’s very casual and feels like you’re on a tropical vacation. They have great service and great, fresh food. I got an American Burger and a margarita.

Churro plate

For dinner, we were able to get a reservation at Capa at the Four Seasons for date night. This seems to be our prime date night location, especially because we can walk or take the golf cart there. It’s Spanish inspired food, which I think is my favorite. We had a very romantical and lovely night! We started with cocktails at the bar and had a full circle moment. We sat in the exact seats we were sitting in when we put the offer in on our new home in Canada. It was very special to be sitting in the same seats, and we’ll be closing on our old house very soon. At Capa, we always get the wagyu, and then we revolve the rest of the meal around it. When we eat there, we let the server decide what else to order, and we got a really nice mixture of food. Shout out to our server Kayla; she told us what to do and we just listened! We got red wine, Jamón de Bellota (ham), Rodajas de Tomate (cucumber salad), A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, and Churros de Madrid for dessert. After dinner, we took a drive in the golf cart, then hung out in the hot tub since it was a chilly night.

Woman eating pizza


We wandered over to EPCOT for lunch. We wanted to try to get into Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in the Italy Pavilion, but instead we ended up going to Connections Café. They have some good pizza! We walked around and grabbed a cocktail; I got the Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush from Les Vins des Chefs de France in the France Pavilion. Later, we headed over to Disney Springs for some shopping and dinner. Some of the best margaritas are from Chef Art Smith's Homecomin', so obviously we stopped to grab some before dinner. For dinner, we got some spaghetti at Terralina Crafted Italian. I love love love that place. We also got Mozzarella-stuffed Rice Balls, Caprese and bread.

Speaking of margaritas, I’d love to give you my picks for the top three margaritas on property!

  1. Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' at Disney Springs: I mentioned these were some of the best! Go to the walkup counter and get the Moonshine Margarita. Just be careful because they are strong! What’s cool is that it comes in a squeeze bottle, and if you bring the bottle back the next time you go, you get a pretty substantial discount off the drink.

  2. Jaleo by José Andrés at Disney Springs: The Salt Air Margarita is amazing, but also very dangerous because it goes down like juice! It’s a margarita in a martini glass with foam on top. The foam has sea salt in it, so every sip has a little bit of salt.

  3. Phins at the Dolphin Hotel: Just ask for a margarita, but in the smoked box. *Chef’s kiss*

Mickey Mouse shaped beignets


The next morning, we went for breakfast at Bolton’s in Golden Oak. Their lemon ricotta pancakes are SO good. For lunch, we got the reservation we wanted at Via Napoli at EPCOT. We had the Mozzarella Caprese, Arancini, Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza and Coca-Cola. After work, we went back to Disney Springs to grab a bite at Frontera Cocina. We shared the Chips & Guacamole - Verde, Queso Fundido, and I had the La Cava Avocado cocktail. Then, we headed over to Scat Cat’s Club at Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter for some live music. The Mickey Beignets here are a must-have!

With that, a week of Disney eating is complete! We started with drinking across the World on the Skyliner, and then just did all of the things! I’d like to leave you with one last piece of advice: when going to Disney, look for the magic and enjoyment, and try not to be so stressed trying to go on 20 million rides and all of the restaurants. Don’t avoid certain places just because of holidays or popular vacation times like Spring Break. You can still have fun walking around, being part of the magic, and making it incredible.

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