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How to Turn Passions Into Business Ideas

What I want to talk about today is passions, and how to figure out what yours are. A lot of people don’t know what their passions are. Or, maybe you know what your passions are, but you don’t know how to turn them into an income. If you fall into one of these categories, I’ve got you!

We’re going to do an exercise that includes a series of questions. We’re going to do three rounds of those questions, and turn passions into business ideas. While we’re going through the questions, I want you to know that it’s OKAY to not hide the weird. Embrace it! I hid my love of Disney for years, and once I stopped, everything changed.

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Grab a pen and paper to follow along!

1. What’s something you really love doing?

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could bring one hobby of yours, what would it be? For example, maybe you love video games, cooking, gardening, etc.

2. What did you love as a child?

For me, I loved playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, riding my bike, decorating with my mom (she’s the OG), listening to music and having dance parties!

3. If you could do anything, what would it be?

What would you spend your time doing? It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you get paid for. Would you be a dentist, doctor, professional athlete, tour guide at Disney, blogger, etc.?

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4. What are you good at?

What’s a skill that you have? Is there something you get compliments on that you’re good at? Or, maybe there is something people ask you for help with because you’re good at it. Those are all skills! Some examples of my skills are my creativity, leadership, public speaking, and helping people plan their Disney vacations.

5. What do you love talking about?

If you were locked in a room and could only talk about one thing, what would it be? I could talk about Disney food and drink and Christmas decor until the end of time.

6. What are your top goals?

What’s a big goal that you have? It could be something like income, a trip you want to take, a house, going skiing every winter with your family, etc.

7. Can you combine any of the talents, loves, or goals you listed above?

For example, maybe you have a skill of decorating, a love for Disney, and a goal of starting a YouTube channel. Do you see what I’m getting at here?

8. Can you turn that into a business?

A business can mean you make $1 a day or $1 million a day. If it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter.

Now, go through the questions two more times. By the end of this exercise, you should have three solid business ideas!

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Keep in mind, your business can always start small and blossom into something bigger. Before I started my YouTube channel, I wondered how I could turn it into a business. My mission was to do daily videos that were really good and brought people joy. I wanted to create a safe space where people could come to be happy, escape the craziness of the world and let their weirdness fly. I sucked in the beginning (everyone sucks in the beginning, but you’ve got to get over that). I knew that if I stuck with it, the more I did it, the better the videos would get. That became the beginning of my career, and it has grown into all of these other things. You never know what will come of it, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

Let me know if you had an epiphany today, and drop your business ideas in the comments. I’d love to support and cheer you on! The sky’s the limit!

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