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How to Glow Up: 18 Habits to Elevate Your Life

Heading into a fresh new quarter is the perfect time to start a new routine. I want to walk into summer looking better, feeling better, having more confidence and just feeling dang happy. I’ve chosen 18 habits to do every single day, no matter what, for the next four months. We're calling this the Glow Up Challenge! If you like checking things off your to-do list, this challenge is for you! My goal is to make things as simple as possible. I’ll share what I’m doing, and if you’re interested in following along, you can pick and choose which habits you want to do too. Of course, these are just suggestions. You can create whatever habits you want, but once you choose, you commit.

Woman applying skincare

Are you ready?! Let’s get glowing!

1. Skincare routine - AM & PM

I’m really committing to doing my skincare both every morning and every night. I’ve decided to invest in good products instead of trying a bunch of different, mediocre products and not liking them. How much skincare are you collecting instead of just having a few quality pieces? I think that goes for everything, actually; it’s a life lesson I’ve learned!

2. Gua sha, ice roll, or facial massage

You can do a facial massage with your hands, or you can use a gua sha tool. What I do first is gently pump my lymph nodes to open them up. Then, I put some serum on my face and do three passes of each movement. I’ve been doing this forever, and I swear it’s made such a difference in my jawline and depuffing my face! Leading into the next habit, make sure you drink lots of water so you can flush all of this out.

3. 80+ oz of water

Something I’ve adopted from Dr. James DiNicolantonio (@drjamesdinic) is adding salt and lemon to my water. It makes the water that much more hydrating! Simply add a little bit of pink Himalayan salt from a good source into your water; you don’t need a ton. Then, throw in a splash of fresh lemon juice. If you aren’t squeezing a fresh lemon, just be sure to get a good brand of lemon juice without anything weird added to it. It might be jarring at first, but once you have it, you’ll start craving it. It really does make a difference and totally changes the game!

4. Whitening toothpaste

My personal preference is a smoker’s toothpaste to really boost the whitening results!

Woman riding a bike

5. Get outside

Go for a walk, take a bike ride, hang out in the pool, etc. Spend some time outside doing something you enjoy while getting some fresh air.

6. Five minute meditation & affirmations

I keep it simple and do quick five minute meditations from YouTube. It’s super easy! After meditation, I write down what I’m grateful for, affirmations for the day and what I’m manifesting for the next quarter. I would suggest having something to keep your notes in that you can always refer back to.

7. Beauty collagen

I like to mix my collagen with a little bit of creamer, froth it up and pour it into my coffee. It helps strengthen hair, skin, nails and even bones!

8. Fat burning pre workout

Sometimes I mix my collagen and pre workout together to make a juice, and it tastes incredible. When picking out your supplements, ask yourself, “does it work,” “does it make me feel better,” and “is it dang delicious?” If you’re using something that isn’t working for you, it’s okay to switch it up.

9. Stress reducing probiotic

Probiotics aren’t only working for me for consistency, but they’re working for my body. They help a ton with bloating!

TIP: Make a “Glow Zone” by creating a space or basket with all of your supplements. This will help keep them all in one place and remind you to take them.

10. Lash & hair serums

I’m working on growing out both my hair and lashes, and serums really help!

Woman reading

11. Read

I love to read, so I want to intentionally make time for it. A good fictional book helps me turn my brain off for a little while and unwind. My current read is Ask for Andrea by Noelle Ihli.

12. Signature scent

Pick one signature scent for yourself and stick to it for the full challenge. Bootzie Oil is my fave! I’m also doing a signature scent for my home. I always feel amazing when the house smells good, but also fresh and clean.

13. 20+ minute workout

I’ve been loving pilates for my workouts! I want to normalize something, especially if you’re just starting your glow up, just starting your fitness journey, or even if you’re just not feeling great. It’s totally normal to mess up, sweat a lot and have to pause during your workouts. Some days will feel harder than others, and that’s okay.

14. Plan day, goals & track habits

Set up your daily habits and goals, and map out your day in your planner. It’s quick, and I love it because it helps me identify my top priorities for the day!

15. Tidy & organize space

Clean up and declutter your space. Keeping on top of the clutter, there will be less things to dust and less things to put away. It just makes life so much easier! Plus, you will feel lighter from the inside out because your environment reflects how you feel.

16. Bath or full body shower

Baths are my fave. They’re such a great way to relax, wind down and get some reading in!

Woman walking a dog

17. 5K steps or more

I’m combining this goal with the “get outside” goal so I can knock out two at once. Taking my dog for a walk or walking to breakfast with my husband usually helps get me to my 5K goal.

18. Booty mask

I feel like the cellulite booty mask I’ve been using is making a difference, but I want to be more consistent with it. As a warning, it does have a tingling effect. If you want something that works without the burn, I would suggest this one from Truly.

A few tips:

If you track your habits, you’ll be able to see your trends. The Habit Tracking Challenge insert from the Daily Grind is great for this! At the end of the week, you’ll see what you’re hitting every day, and what you’re missing. If you notice there is something you aren’t getting done, pick a different time to do it.

Try stacking some habits. That will make it easier! For example, brush your teeth with your whitening toothpaste, then follow that up with your skincare routine. Doing one will prompt you to do the other, and they will just become part of your routine.

Take before and after pictures. Sometimes it’s hard to see changes from day to day, but pictures will show you how far you’ve come!

Last but not least, if you miss something, it’s OKAY. You don’t have to start back over at ground zero.

I hope this helps give you some ideas on how to glow up, and kickstart your own challenge! Drop your habits below so I can cheer you on!

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3 comentarios

30 abr

Love this! 🤍

Me gusta

02 abr

Angieeee! I’ve been wanting to start the glow up all week but wanted others to join! Perfect timing ❤️

Me gusta

Daisy Martinez
Daisy Martinez
02 abr

Thank you Angie ❤️

I will definitely be adding some of these examples to my daily life. I've been feeling down lately so I hope this can help!

Me gusta
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