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Sunday Routine: How to Get Your Life Together in 5 Steps

We’ve all felt the “Sunday scaries” at some point or another, right? I’m here to tell you, Sundays don’t always have to feel this way. Today, I want to walk you through my Sunday routine designed to combat those “scaries,” and kick off your week with a strong start. We’re going to get our lives in order in five steps so we can slay the upcoming week!

Montage of woman reading, walking, and planning

As always, first, we’ve got to get the vibes going! Set the tone by lighting a really good candle. I also love putting on ambient music in the house; the Cafe Music BGM Channel on YouTube is one of my faves. Now, let’s get started!

1. Prep

The very first thing I do is prep. I get my workout gear, water tumbler and pre workout ready, so I don’t have to go fishing around for a bunch of stuff in the morning. Then, I figure out what I want my meals to look like for the week and get some meal prep in. I’ll cook, portion food out, or chop up veggies for a recipe I’ll make later in the week. If I’m in a pinch, I’ll set up a grocery delivery, or plan to have some ready-to-eat meals on hand.

I also prep my week and get my goals in order, but more on that later!

Woman meditating with dog

2. Work in/out

Work in/work out means you work your mind as well as your body. I always sweat or stretch, even if it’s a weekend. I love doing a great yoga sesh to de-stress pre-Monday morning, before I get into the swing of things. Go into a quiet space, do some yoga, stretch, meditate, and just have some quiet time where you’re not in front of a device. Sometimes my dog, Carl, even joins me!

3. Pamper

This step is all about pampering yourself. Get your mind right, get your skin right, and just get feeling dang good about yourself. Take some downtime for your mental well-being, but in a different way than working out. My favorite way to do this is by taking a gigantic amazing bath. I love adding different bath salts, oils, bubbles, and putting on a face mask or hair mask to make it that much more luxurious. Once I finish up my bath, I use a gua sha tool to do a face massage, and go through my skincare routine.

4. Reset

For a good reset, my husband and I try to get outside. We’ll go for a walk and have a good conversation. This really helps us decompress after a long week! Relationship tip: If you want to discuss a hard topic with your partner, take a walk together. It makes things so much less confrontational, because you’re actively moving forward and toward a solution together.

After walking, I’ll sit down with a good fictional book. It’s such a better way to decompress rather than plugging into a trashy reality TV show, which is what I used to do. The way reading a good book can reset your body in just 20 or 30 minutes is next level! The book I’m reading now is called Run on Red, and a fave I'd recommend is The Guest List.

Woman writing in a notebook

5. Clean up/amp up

The fifth and final step is to clean up your house and get amped up for the fresh week ahead. I always make sure the house is organized & clean, and everything is put away & wiped down. This way, I know that I’ll be organized when I wake up bright and early on Monday morning.

In terms of getting amped up, I’ll do a little goal setting sesh in my planner. This helps me set a clear vision for exactly what my goals are for the week, and then my to-do list is based on these goals. It’s clear to me what I’m going after, and it’s how I stay motivated!

Those are my top tips on getting your life together on a Sunday and gearing up for a new week. It’s all about decompressing and making sure you’re prepared. If you have some tips of your own, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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Jun 23

These pictures bring back such good memories of all the you tube videos you did in the old house , great advice.

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