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Makeup Organization Tips: How to Deep Clean, Purge & Declutter Your Makeup

Today, I want to take you through how I purge, deep clean and organize my makeup. My makeup drawers were such a disaster and so chaotic because I had just thrown everything in them, so I took the time to actually go through it all. We are organizing and cleaning, so if you like this type of thing (and I have a feeling you do), then just keep reading!

Montage of woman organizing makeup

First, grab some coffee. Now, let’s start organizing!

Step 1: Clean out makeup drawers

I took everything out of all my makeup drawers and put it on the floor; I figured this would be the easiest, and a good way to get everything out and see it. Once the drawers were empty, I used a wood cleaner to wipe them all down. They’re probably not even real wood, but I just love the smell of the cleaner. It smells like almonds! I also wiped down the assorted plastic and acrylic organizers that were inside the drawers. Then, I cleaned off all of my palettes & any messy makeup containers with a makeup wipe, and that worked really well. We all know how dirty everything can get!

Step 2: Organize products into categories

Next, I started organizing makeup into piles by category, like nail supplies, eyeshadows, foundations, lashes, etc. I didn’t realize how much I had been accumulating! I had a lot of stuff that was just old and dried up, and I didn’t even realize it. There were also some things in there that I never even used! Anything that was old or not so amazing, I tossed, or put into a “donate” pile if it hadn’t been used. I also kept some things for my best friend and sent them to her.

Inside of a makeup drawer

Step 3: Organize products in drawers

When I was satisfied with my categories and piles, I started putting things into drawers. The first big category I wanted to conquer was my nail supplies. I do my own nails and I love it, but I just had so much stuff. I grabbed some drawer organizers and started arranging all of the supplies into their own compartments, like nail files, glue, clippers, etc. Everything fit perfectly into the organizers and back into a drawer. It was SO much better and so well organized!

Then, I started working on all of the makeup. I kept more empty drawer organizers nearby so I could figure out where I wanted things to go. Pro tip: silverware trays also make great makeup organizers! I pulled things from my piles, and into the drawers they went. I tried to keep similar products together so it would be easy to find things. For example, I put primers, concealers and foundations together, eyeshadows, mascaras, and brow/eye pencils together, etc. I even made a drawer for all of my glitter! I found the cutest cases for my eyelashes, which also had a dedicated drawer along with glue, lash clusters, etc.

Step 4: Identify most-used products to allocate counter space

I went through my lip glosses and palettes to find the ones I used the most, because I wanted to keep those on the counter for easy access. This acrylic organizer was perfect for the lip gloss, and this one was great for my palettes. I also found a little tray, and put some creams and skincare on the counter that I use daily. I had different sized glass containers that I decided to use for cotton pads and swabs as well.

Makeup brushes

Step 5: Wash all makeup brushes

To wash my brushes, I use a little silicone mat with some brush cleaner to clean them. It’s super easy! I let the brushes dry on a towel while I cleaned all of my brush holders. I wanted to share how I organize my brushes. I use various glass beakers & jars to store them; they’re really cute and just clean. I also have an acrylic organizer that I did a little DIY with. I got some floral beads and rhinestones from Michael’s that I put in the bottom of each compartment, and they actually hold up my brushes so much better than just throwing them in there. I love how it turned out; it’s so adorable!

I vacuumed the room once everything was done and in its place. I’m so happy with the way it turned out! Everything that I tend to reach for or use daily has a spot on the counter, while anything else is in a drawer, and I can easily rotate them out.

If you’re struggling with how to get your makeup organized, hopefully this gave you some ideas, and maybe even helped spark a little bit of creativity and freedom. It doesn’t have to be this big daunting task; you can make it really fun and happy! If you have any additional tips for makeup organization and cleaning, don’t forget to put them in the comments!

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