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How to Create a Vision Board

Every year I create a new Vision for myself and I tend to do things a bit differently when it comes to mapping out my goals. I few years ago I thought I should share this process with everyone on my channel and it's now turned into a yearly vision board party.

♡ What you'll need

♡ Champagne (duh)

♡ Notebook / paper

♡ Pens and Markers (10 colors) --> click here for the markers I use

♡ Laptop , phone or tablet

♡ Pinterest app (free)

♡ Canva or Picmonkey app (free)

♡ Optional : The Daily Grind Planner --> click here to shop the planner

♡ How I Map out my Vision Board NOW

The most important part of creating my vision board isn't the actual creating process , its all about the location of the board. Years ago I stopped making cardboard dream boards using magazine cutouts. Although super fun, it's totally not realistic.

For 2 reasons :

  1. Choosing your FUTURE based off of pre determined pretty photos in a magazine does not give free range to be creative and think about what you REALLY want. It creates confines and we don't want that. You want to have full creative range.

  2. Creating a vision board on a big card stock usually means it ends up in one spot... in a closet collecting dust. Creating a digital vision board allows you to keep the goal in front of you.

♡ Steps to Make your Own Vision Board

Follow these steps to creating goals that actually MATTER to YOU.

You can follow along with any of my vision board parties step by step.

♡ Step 1 : Set up your Vision Board Space ( Starts @ 2:22 )

♡ Step 2 : Get your Pens & Markers, Paper, Computer out ( Starts @ 2:50 )

♡ Step 3 : Prep to Stick with the goals ( Starts @ 5:45 )

♡ Step 4 : Write out what you want to release ( starts @ 16:20 )

♡ Step 5 : Open Canva ( starts @ 19:40 )

♡ Step 6 : Write your 3 mantras for the year ( starts @ 25:30 )

♡ Step 7 : Determine your Big 10 ( starts @ 37:29 )

♡ Step 8 : Create your Wheel of Life ( starts @ 53:00)

♡ Step 9 : Set your 4 month vision (starts @ 1:09:20 )

♡ Step 10 : Save visuals on Pinterest ( starts @ 1:34:21)

♡ Step 11 : Organize your board ( starts @ 1:55:07)

♡ Step 12 : Finish your board & save it ( starts @ 2:03:43)

It's YOUR time

Get your notebook and laptop out and get to PLANNING your dream year !!

I am SO excited for you to overhaul your time , get ahold of what you REALLY want and

finally go after it !!

Be sure to tag me on instagram with YOUR vision board !!

Cheers to an amazing year !



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1 Comment

Maddie Saunders
Maddie Saunders
Jul 19, 2023

I love this blog post! The checklist and the steps really help. I made a small vision board on Canva a few days ago before starting my first workout program, but this is inspiring me to take it deeper. Thank you!

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