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Disney Summer Routine

One of the biggest requests I get is to share a full day routine at Disney. I’m so excited for today’s blog, because I’m going to give you the most in-depth, beautiful, Disney summer routine that I could ever give you! I love sharing the real life/Disney balance. I’m going to take you through everything, from a day at the parks to a full date day. We’re going to Disney adult it up. Let’s go!

Montage of woman at Disney World

We started our day at Animal Kingdom. We had breakfast at Rainforest Café, it was a vibe! We rode the Dinosaur ride, because I panicked and was scared it would be the last time I ever got to ride it. There’s a rumor going around that it’s closing, and it’s my favorite ride! I got a little bit nostalgic and emotional about it, but I think I’ll probably be able to ride it again.

Later, we headed over to EPCOT. We had lunch at one of our favorite pizza spots, Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. We checked out the Moana water feature, and rode The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Living with the Land rides. The other ride we really wanted to go on was Test Track, because that one is definitely closing for a huge renovation. It was hella warm outside, but amazing! After lunch, we headed back home to work on some special work projects, including our latest planner collection, Make Life Magical. It’s my favorite, and the nicest collection we’ve ever done. I know I say that every time, but we keep upping the ante! The collection has all the shine and all the glitter. Plus, the covers are reversible!

Kindle book

The next day was date day. We had breakfast at the Four Seasons, then went to the spa and hung out at the pool there. We were completely unplugged! I was able to get through a good chunk of my latest book, The Teacher, which was amazing. We went home to get ready, then back to the Four Seasons for dinner at our all time favorite restaurant, Capa Steakhouse. It’s on the rooftop, and it’s so romantical and fancy. We capped off the night with cocktails in the treehouse at home. We had a lovely day, and it was honestly exactly what we needed!

The day after date day, I went into full work mode. This is the not-so-sexy part of Florida. I went live for my Instagram subscribers, and Andre and I had a BBQ lunch at home. I blasted some Disney music on the patio and took product photos for our new collection, then got back to writing the new workbook I’ve been working on. I also got in a nice yoga & stretch sesh by the pool. That’s one of the things that we try to balance here. Yes, we eat like children sometimes, but we still try to get our workouts in, keep up with our supplements, and all of that.

Speaking of supplements, I just tried a new one that is phenomenal. It’s a turmeric shot! For me, I take it when I’m feeling overstimulated, anxious, or chaotic. It also helps with recovery, immunity, and sleep. It basically just chills you right out and makes you feel very zen. The main ingredients are magnesium and turmeric, and it also has cinnamon and ginger in it. It’s giving pumpkin spice! I prep mine in mini tumblers, which are the most ridiculous but most used purchase of the year. They’re the cutest little things! I use a frother to blend them all up, pour them into the tumblers, then line them all up in the fridge to grab and go. I love it!

Bambi themed bedroom

Once I finished up work for the day, I put on Encanto and got my planner all set up. It felt really good! One of my goals for this month is to paint and create more. I thought it would be cool to use the frames that are already in our Bambi room, but replace the artwork in them with something I’ve made. What I’d like to do is get some canvases that I can roll, paint at home in Canada, and bring them back to Florida. That way, it’s a little DIY project for myself, hits one of my monthly goals, and checks something off my home project list. Winning all around!

Then, I went through all the treasures I’ve gotten recently. My friend Sam gave me a Hedwig owl from Harry Potter, and it’s the best thing ever. The other thing our friends encouraged me to get was Animal Crossing for my Nintendo Switch, so I could be less stressed than I am when I play Zelda. Zelda does not bring me peace! I also got a new mini umbrella for my phone. I love love love the one I already had, but this new one is a little bit more intense because it has a reflective side and it’s longer. I know it seems stupid and like the most ridiculous purchase (which it is), but my gosh have I used it. It’s another one of my most utilized purchases of the year!

Post-planning sesh, I went through my skincare routine. I do it once a day now, unless I’m feeling zazzy. I started my skincare journey a little bit less than a year ago, and I feel like the biggest difference has been the puffiness under my eyes. Game changed! I use eye cream every single day, then I do The Extreme Cure spot treatment. It’s made such a difference on my dark spots, because mine come out to play in the sun. Last, I use the cream. Basically, I don’t wear makeup unless we do a full date night, then it’s fun rather than a chore.

Disney drone show

That night, we hit up Disney Springs, which is another one of our favorite spots. We did a little bit of shopping, had drinks at Splitsville, and dinner at Terralina Crafted Italian. Then, we wanted to check out the new drone show, Disney Dreams That Soar. I originally thought the show would be viewable from anywhere in Disney Springs, but the viewing area is near the food trucks, where the big balloon is. I think Disney missed on this. It was VERY crowded, and I don’t like crowds; they make me anxious. What we ended up doing was walking around to the Saratoga Springs side to watch the show. There was no one there, and you can still hear the music, not perfectly, but you can hear it. It was magical!

Another question we get asked a lot is, “does it get old going to the parks, seeing the fireworks, etc.?” No, it really doesn’t. The magic is not gone! I wasn’t sure myself how it was going to go. It’ll be three years this month since Florida has been our part-time home, which is wild. We absolutely love it! I think one of the biggest things we’ve learned is to not go too hard while we’re there. We go about every two to three months, for three weeks. When we used to go and stay in a hotel, we would be there for a week to ten days, and just go HAM. You can’t do that for three weeks… I mean, unless you’re a superhero! It’s just a lot. We’ve learned that our favorite days are the ones that just happen by coincidence and we go wherever the wind takes us, or those when we lay low and enjoy each other’s company by the pool.

To cap it off, hopefully this gave you a good view as to what our life/park balance looks like while we’re in Florida. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is ours and we love it. It’s our real lives, and I love sharing them, imperfect parts and all. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

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