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We just returned home from the trip of a life time and your BIGGEST question on instagram was WHICH HOTEL WAS BETTER !??


Let's Talk about it ...

I'll be super real about this.. BOTH hotels are GOALS so please don't take this as a knock on either one. Bora Bora is not only a dream destination but the Conrad as well as the Four Seasons are some of the nicest hotels I've ever visited in my life.

Let's start with the Four Seasons since thats where we arrive first.


Stay Here if you Value ...

♡ Total Piece and Quiet

♡ Romantic atmospheres

♡ Over water bungalows with glass floor

♡ The Bluest Water

♡ An Amazing and Large Property

♡ Private Lagoons to Snorkel and Paddle Board

♡ Traditional Polynesian Dinner Show

♡ Amazing Cabanas and Pool bar

After the Four Seasons we took their private boat to the Conrad Nui which was such a VIBE.


Stay Here if you Value ...

♡ Amazing Food & Drinks

♡ Socializing & Meeting new Friends

♡ Bars & Nightlife

♡ Room Options

♡ Overwater Bungalow Hammocks

♡ An incredible Spa experience

♡ Virtual Golf

♡ Modern & upscale options

One of the most memorable days was when we decided to rent a boat for the day and adventure. It was so fun that we actually did it TWICE. Swimming with Sharks isn't for the faint of heart but honestly I felt so safe, it was so much fun !

Bora Bora is hands down the further location i've ever travelled to but by far the most beautiful. From the moment you land at the airport this magical place will continue to take your breath away.

At the end of the day , I don't want to be that blogger ( I can't believe i just said blogger.. 10 years late lol ) but seriously .. i don't ever want to be that girl that can't just give a straight answer or opinion. I would say based on our taste , values, vibe , age and purpose of the trip .. the CONRAD was the better stay.

The Four Seasons felt like more of a honeymoon location , no night life at all ( I really don't love when a bar closes

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1 Comment

Irene Tovar
Irene Tovar
Sep 06, 2023

The last sentence is just so good 🤣🤣, me neither girl… me neither

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