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7 Steps to Build Your Best Tiered Tray

One question I get asked a TON is how I decorate and style my tiered trays. They’re one of my favorite ways to display my seasonal decor pieces and add some personality to any space! Today I’m going to walk you through my process, so if you’re interested in learning more… then just keep reading!

Step 1: Pull out all of the decor you want to use, and sort the items by category or color.

Even though your tray will be a mix of different pieces, you’ll still want it to be cohesive. I always recommend sorting your items out first so you know what you have to work with from the get-go, and don’t get overwhelmed during the process.

Choosing a few colors for your tiered tray is always a great way to start! I also love a good theme, like “Hocus Pocus” for Halloween, or Santa and Mrs. Claus for Christmas.

If you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry dude… this can totally be done on a budget! Some of my favorite places to shop for decor are Homesense/HomeGoods, Marshall’s, Amazon, Etsy, Target, and Michael’s.

Step 2: Place your tray where you want it displayed.

This might seem like a silly step, but trust me… trying to move a full tray can be a straight up disaster, lol.

Step 3: Start with the larger pieces that matter the most to you.

These are the items you want to be your focal point. You’ll want to space them out across the different tiers of your tray.

PRO TIP: Any go-to mugs you’ll actually be using should go in the back. This helps make the tray look more full, while making the space useful and functional!

Step 4: Fill up the front of your tray with smaller pieces.

Remember, you aren’t limited to using mugs only on your tray. There are so many other things you can use to fill the space! Look for things like sugar and creamer sets, salt and pepper shakers, espresso cups, cocoa tins… there are SO many options!

You can use different sized decor to your advantage, but make sure the smaller items aren’t blocking the ones in the back! If you’re having trouble fitting things in, you can always lean them over.

Step 5: Fill the blank spaces.

Get creative! I love using small candles, measuring spoons/cups, ornaments, wrapped or fake candy, straw toppers, etc.

Step 6: Fill the mugs you won’t be using.

Fill your empty mugs with things that will add some height, like picks, sticks, and straws. Faux whipped toppers are also super fun to use! This will help make the tray look more full.

Step 7: Don’t be afraid to use the overflow space of your tray!

If you’re left with more pieces you want to use, or they’re just too big to go on your tray, put them in the space next to it!

I hope this helped you get a better understanding of the “method behind the madness” of building a tiered tray. Now go have fun building yours, and don’t forget to tag me! I love seeing your creations!

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