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10 Steps for Creating a Vision Board

If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know something I like to do at the beginning of each year is create a vision board for what I want the year ahead to look like. I know it’s easy to get stuck or feel like you’re behind; I’ve definitely been there and don’t worry, you aren’t behind! Today I’m going to walk you through some exercises to bring you a little bit of clarity and help you get EXCITED about this year. Then, we’re going to take that information to create a vision board, so you can have your best year yet!

What you need:

  • Pens

  • Highlighters

  • A notebook, planner or paper (I’m using Blank Dot Grid paper so I can keep mine in my planner)

  • iPad/phone/computer

  • My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook (optional; if you have one, you can follow along with the exercises there)

  • Don’t forget snacks and a beverage!

Before we begin, I want you to know that this year, we’re in our Villain Era. What does that mean? It means we are NOT apologizing. We’re letting go of others’ opinions and putting ourselves first. Do you, and don’t say “sorry” for it. You are who you are at your core. If someone is being unkind to you, you have permission to walk away!

Now, are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Step 1

Write down your answers to the following questions:

  • What are you the most proud of from the past 12 months?

  • What is something that you’re currently frustrated with, upset about, or embarrassed by in your current life?

  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate how happy you are in your current life?

Step 2

Make lists for each of the below questions:

  • What are some things you want LESS of this year? (Examples: toxic people, sweating the small stuff, second guessing yourself)

  • What are some things you want MORE of this year? (Examples: cooking at home, romanticizing the everyday, midday dance parties)

Step 3

Take the Color Personality Quiz below! For each question, choose the one option that best describes you. Be sure to write your answers down so you can tally up all of your answers at the end of the test. I find it's best to go with your gut on this, and try not to overthink it!

1. What would you say is your best quality?

A. Strong

B. Funny

C. Optimistic

D. Curious

E. Calm

F. Motivating

G. Creative

H. Confident

I. Empowering

J. Authentic

K. Giving

L. Glamorous

2. What vibe do you feel you put out into the world?

A. Passion

B. Expressive

C. Hippie

D. Wanderlust

E. Zen

F. Picturesque

G. Artistic

H. Magical

I. Classic

J. Bohemian

K. Minimalist

L. Luxurious

3. What is your favorite thing to share?

A. Motivation

B. Laughter

C. Joy

D. Travel

E. Gratitude

F. Inspiration

G. Creations

H. Obsessions

I. Style

J. Real Life

K. Home

L. Beauty

4. What is the top quality you look for in others?

A. Determined

B. Excited

C. Positive

D. Adventurous

E. Empathetic

F. Mature

G. Original

H. Committed

I. Classy

J. Practical

K. Organized

L. Driven

5. Which celebrity inspires you the most?

A. Lady Gaga

B. Drew Barrymore

C. Kate Hudson

D. Angelina Jolie

E. Blake Lively

F. Oprah

G. Rhianna

H. Reese Witherspoon

I. Victoria Beckham

J. Hailey Bieber

K. Lauren Conrad

L. Jennifer Lopez

6. Which not-so-fav trait best describes you?

A. Aggressive

B. Immature

C. Unaware

D. Opinionated

E. Recluse

F. Antisocial

G. Bizarre

H. Sensitive

I. Emotionless

J. Unapproachable

K. Neurotic

L. Vain

7. Finish this sentence: You help those around you…

A. Find courage

B. Laugh out loud

C. Be happy & healthy

D. See the world

E. Feel Deeply

F. Be their best self

G. Be creative

H. Dream bigger

I. Be confident

J. Find balance

K. Get organized

L. Be successful

Determine your color & personality type:

Now it's time to add up the total number you scored for each letter. Star, circle, or highlight your top three personalities. It's okay to be a mixture of more than one, but I would try to not go over three.

A: The Rockstar ➡️ Your Total Score:

B: The Life of The Party ➡️ Your Total Score:

C: The Ray of Sunshine ➡️ Your Total Score:

D: The Worldly Wanderer ➡️ Your Total Score:

E: The Spiritual Siren ➡️ Your Total Score:

F: The Magical Motivator ➡️ Your Total Score:

G: The Creative Queen ➡️ Your Total Score:

H: The Big Dreamer ➡️ Your Total Score:

I: The Chic Mama ➡️ Your Total Score:

J: The Natural Beauty ➡️ Your Total Score:

K: The Pure Princess ➡️ Your Total Score:

L: The Golden Goddess ➡️ Your Total Score:

Learn the traits of your color personality:

The Rockstar: Your Color is Red

The Rockstar is all about passion & courage. You are rarely afraid to take action. You believe strongly in yourself and other people. You have a true love for creating change. Your famous muses are Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Mariah Carey. Your best qualities are: passionate, fierce, empowering, fearless, sexy & confident. Sometimes you can be aggressive or overly opinionated. As a friend, you cheer people on and fire them up. You help friends have the courage to go after what they truly want.

The Life of The Party: Your Color is Orange

The Life of The Party is all about warmth & fun. Being friendly and social makes you who you are. You are definitely a natural extrovert. You believe strongly that life is short, and you should have fun! You have a true love for making others laugh. Your famous muses are Drew Barrymore & Sarah Hyland. Your best qualities are: warm, funny, social, inviting, trusting, excited about life & interested. Sometimes you can be self focused, immature, or insensitive. As a friend, you have the ability to turn any bad day around, make people happy and have fun.

The Ray of Sunshine: Your Color is Yellow

The Ray of Sunshine is all about happiness & positivity. Good vibes and smiles make you who you are. You are definitely a naturally happy person. You believe strongly in taking time to pause and be grateful. You have a true love for optimistic people. Your famous muses are Kate Hudson & Miley Cyrus. Your best qualities are: happy, upbeat, positive, grateful, healthy & optimistic. Sometimes you can be unaware, forgetful, or careless. As a friend, you help others appreciate their lives and be their happiest & healthiest selves.

The Worldly Wanderer: Your Color is Green

The Worldly Wanderer is all about curiosity & exploration. New experiences and travel make you who you are. You are definitely a naturally happy person. You believe strongly in protecting the planet. You have a true love for being in nature. Your famous muses are Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. Your best qualities are: loves nature, green thumb, natural, curious, explorer, progressive & activist. Sometimes you can be overly opinionated or forceful. As a friend, you help your friends appreciate the beauty of nature and become more curious when traveling.

The Spiritual Siren: Your Color is Aqua

The Spiritual Siren is all about self awareness and peace. Calmness and kindness make you who you are. You are definitely a very empathetic person. You believe strongly in protecting all animals and humans. You have a true love for being near the water. Your famous muses are Blake Lively and Pamela Anderson. Your best qualities are: kind, calm, peaceful, caretaker, protective, aware & empathetic. Sometimes you can be a know it all, a recluse, or avoid people. As a friend, you love sharing your knowledge and educating others.

The Magical Motivator: Your Color is Blue

The Magical Motivator is all about being picturesque and charming. Enjoyment and inspiration make you who you are. You are definitely a very hard working person. You believe strongly in living your best life. You have a true love for beautiful spaces. Your famous muses are Oprah and Emma Watson. Your best qualities are: driven, successful, hard working, grateful & motivating. Sometimes you can be antisocial, mundane, or calculated. As a friend, you love helping others live their best lives.

The Creative Queen: Your Color is Purple

The Creative Queen is all about art and freedom. Luxury and originality make you who you are. You are definitely a right brain person. You believe strongly in being an original. You have a true love for new creative ideas. Your famous muses are Rhianna and Katy Perry. Your best qualities are: unapologetic, artistic, gifted, free, one of a kind & imaginative. Sometimes you can be bizarre, confusing, or impulsive. As a friend, you love helping others work past fears that control them and be their most authentic selves.

The Big Dreamer: Your Color is Pink

The Big Dreamer is all about attraction and femininity. A passion for life makes you who you are. You are definitely a believer in true love. You believe strongly in being 100% committed. You have a true love for planning your future. Your famous muses are Reese Witherspoon & Ariana Grande. Your best qualities are: loving, passionate, charismatic, inspiring & committed. Sometimes you can be emotional, attached, or sensitive. As a friend, you love helping others dream bigger and figure out what they are passionate about.

The Chic Mama: Your Color is Black

The Chic Mama is all about class and sophistication. Elegance and style make you who you are. You are definitely a true fashionista. You believe strongly that your style is a reflection of you. You have a true love for simplicity and minimalism. Your famous muses are Victoria Beckham & Rachel Zoe. Your best qualities are: confident, timeless, stylish, sophisticated & classy. Sometimes you can be harsh, emotionless, or critical. As a friend, you love helping others be more confident by expressing themselves through their style.

The Natural Beauty: Your Color is Neutrals

The Natural Beauty is all about being practical and peaceful. A laid back lifestyle makes you who you are. You are definitely a very balanced person. You believe strongly in understanding both sides of the story. You have a true love for kindness and forgiveness. Your famous muses are Jennifer Aniston & Hailey Bieber. Your best qualities are: natural, practical, forgiving, kind, peaceful & chill. Sometimes you can be unapproachable or disinterested. As a friend, you love helping others work through problems and find a peaceful solution by assessing all possible angles.

The Pure Princess: Your Color is White

The Pure Princess is all about cleanliness and organization. Pristine and polite ways make you who you are. You are definitely a very orderly person. You believe strongly in having a clean and organized home. You have a true love for minimalism and order. Your famous muses are Lauren Conrad & Gwyneth Paltrow. Your best qualities are: helpful, organized, pure, polite, giving & minimalistic. Sometimes you can be neurotic, judgmental, or anxious. As a friend, you love helping others organize and clean up their spaces. You are very giving of your time and ready to assist.

The Golden Goddess: Your Color is Gold

The Golden Goddess is all about confidence and glow. Luxury and glamor make you who you are. You are definitely a naturally driven person. You believe strongly in living life as large as possible. You have a true love for wealth, glitter, and gold. Your famous muses are Jennifer Lopez & Beyoncé. Your best qualities are: ambitious, glamorous, driven, successful & confident. Sometimes you can be vain, materialistic, or selfish. As a friend, you love helping others achieve success in their own life and not hold back when working toward their goals.

Write down which color you were, and what you want to own from that description. Once you have your personality type… stop apologizing for who you truly are to your core.

Step 4

Finish the sentence: I feel most fulfilled and happy when I…

On the flip side, I feel sad/mad/lost when I don't…

Check the items below that you feel most drawn to. There’s no limit!


  • Create a scrapbook

  • Decorate my house

  • Draw out my month

  • Spend time sketching

  • Paint a picture

  • Design something new


  • Use my planner

  • Do a workout

  • Map out a big goal

  • Organize my home

  • Make a vision board

  • Host a productive meeting


  • Go out for a date

  • Book a girls trip

  • Have a family game night

  • Go on a hike with friends

  • Sunday dinner with family

  • Movie night with friends

Personal Time

  • Read a good book

  • Have a spa day

  • Spend time meditating

  • Movie alone on a rainy day

  • Wake up early before everyone

  • Sit out in the sun alone

Note which category fills your cup the most. That’s your “fill your cup” time! The goal this year is to make time for whatever fills your cup. Make sure you’re filling your own cup before pouring into others!

Step 5

Answer the question below.

If you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you do, what would you have, and who would you be?

Step 6

Many of us suffer from setting unhealthy boundaries. Often times, we don't even realize we have created the mess we're in by simply allowing certain events to take place. Unhealthy boundaries can lead to unnecessary stress with ourselves and in our relationships.

It's important to know the signs that you are potentially suffering from unhealthy boundaries in your life. Use the following checklist to determine what you are experiencing. Check all that apply to you.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with tasks

  • Resentment towards someone

  • Loaning things or money

  • Feeling unable to say no to situations

  • Neglecting yourself & self-care

  • Random desire to run away from responsibilities

  • Completing tasks & feeling no support

  • Feeling unable to ask for help

  • Wanting to avoid certain people

  • Trying to avoid certain gatherings or interactions

  • Always the one helping yet never being helped

  • Feeling burned out

  • Having a hard time allowing others to help you

How many did you check? Each of these triggers could be compounding and creating a combination of negative emotions in your life. If you checked them all off, that’s TOTALLY okay. What's most important is you are now aware of the fact that it's happening, and it’s the perfect area for growth!

Step 7

You’re going to write a breakup letter to your old self using the template below. Now is the chance to let out your final thoughts and emotions!

I, _________________________________ , moving forward will no longer tolerate the following habits: __________________________________________________________________________________

I am setting healthy boundaries or ending communication with the following relationships:



I will no longer participate or engage in the following situations:



As of today's date, ______________________ I am officially DONE.

I know I am destined for great things and meant for more than these toxic behaviors & situations.

I am breaking up with the old me, I know I need to make these changes because:




We are over. Goodbye

xox. Love,


Step 8

Based on everything we talked about in steps one through seven, come up with your top goals for the year. You can do this by creating four columns:

  • This month

  • Within 6 months

  • Within 12 months

  • 1 year plus

Write out the ish that matters to you that you want to achieve this year. Be specific! Make sure your goals have metrics so you can figure out whether or not you achieved that goal.


  • Wellness goal: Meal prep every single Sunday, no caffeine this month, etc.

  • Fitness goal: Finish 4 week workout program, spin daily for 30 minutes, etc.

  • Income goal: Sell all used clothing, save $100 weekly, etc.

  • Mental health goal: Limit phone time to 1 hour daily, go on a social media break, etc.

  • Career goal: Sign up 20 clients this month, hire an assistant, etc.

  • Growth goal: Finish one book this month, complete a language class, etc.

For long term goals, write down something you can do this month to get started on the goal. For example, if you’d like to remodel your kitchen, create a budget or meet with a contractor.

Step 9

Set the following intentions for growing yourself this year:

  • A bad habit(s) I'm going to release

  • A new skill(s) I want to learn

  • A person(s) I hope to be more like

  • A book(s) I'd love to read

  • Something(s) new I'd like to try

  • A good deed I'd love to do

  • Something special I want to purchase

  • Somewhere I'd love to go

  • I will be better at

  • One word to inspire me moving forward

One year from today, what does your life look like in the following categories?

  • Your career: What is your job or title & what do you do for work?

  • Your romantic life: What does your love life look like? How are you feeling?

  • Your health & body: How do you look and feel?

  • Your family: How is your relationship with your family?

  • Your friendships: How are your friendships? Have any grown this year?

  • Your growth: How have you grown in the past year?

  • Your finances: What can you now afford to do with ease?

  • Your legacy & contribution: Who have you helped this year?

  • Your creativity: What have you created or designed this year?

  • Your environment: Where do you live?

Step 10

Take all of your notes and highlight, star, or make a separate list of all the keywords you want on your vision board. Focus on anything that lights your butt on fire and gets you excited! This is what you’re going to use to make your actual vision board.

TIP: If there is anything that has a negative connotation in your notes, flip it to something positive. For example, if one of your goals is to quit hitting the snooze button, try flipping it to “have a better morning routine.” It’s a lot easier to go after something positive than try to flip the negative connotation in your head every time you see it!

Now, take your list of keywords, and use that to find your visuals. Search Pinterest, take photos, use cutouts from a magazine, use stickers, etc… and go to town!

Like I mentioned before, I’m using a Blank Dot Grid page to make my vision board so I can keep it in my planner. Keep your vision board in a place where you will always see it, because you should be looking at it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. When you start your day, quickly glance at your board to see what you’re working toward. This makes it THAT much more powerful!

If you’re still feeling behind on your goals, your goal daily should just be to look for little doses of good. Focus on even just tiny pieces of progress, because that is STILL progress! That’s it! You’re winning, and you will be better for it!

Although this was a longer exercise, I hope you stuck it through and gained some good insight on yourself. There was a lot of love that went into this, and I truly hope it changes your life this year. Now, take that knowledge and go crush those goals! I can’t WAIT to see how far you will have come at this same time next year. Cheers to you!

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